Toward a polycentric economic world from Bruges to Shanghai

The Belgian partner, Schelstraete Delacourt Associates, hosted the 2018 InterSearch Annual Conference in the ancient city of Bruges.

Bruges was once the heart of the world economy (12th-15th C.). The reality is that the economic heart has shifted, from Bruges to Venice, to Antwerp, to Genoa, to Amsterdam, to London, to Boston, to New York, and to the Silicon Valley area today. Looking into the future, globalization is expected to create a more polycentric economic world; meaning “having more than one center”. One of these new centers is Shanghai, China.

InterSearch is anticipating this fundamental shift; with presence in more than 50 countries and 90 cities and recognizing that within the new digital world, recruitment might just become a commodity. InterSearch is not aiming at the lower level recruitment, which can more easily be automated. Instead,

InterSearch is targeting the more complex and really ‘executive-level’ assignments

By doing so, we provide the right depth of experience and integrity to create opportunities for growth for our clients and candidates. And in fulfilling such high-level assignments, we become genuine experts in Leadership solutions.

The Chairman, Frank Schelstraete, thanked his predecessor Peter Waite for the wonderful accomplishments during the last years. Heading for China, where the next General Assembly is planned, all delegates committed themselves to embrace innovation and intense cross-border collaboration in the year to come.