Our Philosophy

Respect and Trust - the basis for partnership on an equal footing.

What you can expect from us.
And what we promise to deliver.

Professionalism comes first in every part of our cooperation with our clients. The most important part of this is fundamentally developing specific solutions for the individual needs of your company.

We use a variety of methods and procedures to look for candidates with professional and personal qualifications that best match their required roles and responsibilities.

We work exclusively at fixed fee rates; we do not run a staffing agency. We also guarantee that we will search for new candidates should a position that we have filled need to be reappraised (within a certain time period).

Our successful relationships are based on open, honest and direct communication; this includes transparency to ensure that each step of the project can be checked and reviewed by you. We set our standards high in the quality of work we provide, as we know that high quality will ensure shared success in relationships based on mutual respect for our clients, candidates, business partners, colleagues and within our team. We guarantee discretion, full engagement committment and effectiveness at every stage of our working relationship.

A Partnership of Equals

We always approach our clients, their employees and candidates with respect. By assigning a responsible consultant right from the start, we lay the foundation for mutual trust and confidence. We consider all contact with our clients and every service we provide as building blocks for a successful relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.

Open Communication

We communicate openly, honestly and directly with our business partners. We listen carefully and ask questions intensively until we have a common understanding of the task at hand. And we report in such detail and transparency that our clients can understand every phase of the project.

Effectiveness in Every Project

We don’t overdo it. We only implement the measures that we believe will lead to an optimal result for our clients and treat candidates fairly.

Persistence in Project Performance

We consider each project a unique challenge. On the basis of a mutual understanding of the tasks at hand, we are committed to ourselves and our clients to search, select and advise with tenacity and persistence in order to achieve a sustainable solution.

Our Services:
Successfully filling demanding positions domestically and abroad

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