Johanna Horn

The key to success is mutual trust, openness, and loyalty.

I have been working in executive search for more than 20 years and the industry has lost none of its appeal for me to this day. Despite all my experience, every search is a new challenge, combined with numerous exciting discussions and continuous learning.

My goal is to fill a position in the best possible way for both sides. I am convinced that it is not only a question of professional competence, but also of the right personal and cultural fit. Many of my clients are medium-sized manufacturing companies, some of which I have been supporting holistically – both nationally and internationally – for many years. The search is mostly for management positions but can also involve very specific expert positions.

The basis for my work is a degree in linguistics from RWTH Aachen University and Heidelberg University, which has given me very nuanced communication skills and questioning techniques, which today help me a lot in conducting conversations in a manner appropriate to the target audience, which is important in our industry.

After a communication-intensive day at work, I like to relax with a good book, take a long walk with the dog or cook a delicious meal for my family and friends. To really recharge my batteries, I like to travel far away.

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