InterSearch Global Conference 2022

Last week, our consultants Mario Dänekas, Jörg Dötter, Widukind Baier and Carolin Dötter attended the Global Conference of InterSearch in Frankfurt. Even though the attendance was not yet back to pre-pandemic levels (for example, none of the Asian partners were able to come), they all very much appreciated the face-to-face exchange with international colleagues after two mere online years.

In his position as Global Leader of the Automotive Practice Group, Widukind Baier also made his contribution to the content of the conference by giving a brief outline of the current developments and challenges in the international automotive industry in his presentation. In addition to the continuing trend towards e-mobility, material bottlenecks due to lockdowns in Asia and the war in Ukraine are currently dominating the industry. As a result, production and sales figures have recently declined significantly in almost all countries worldwide. As neither Covid19 nor the situation in Ukraine can be predicted in the medium to long term, it remains to be seen when supply chains will ease again.

Through regular exchange with colleagues around the world, we can always look beyond the German horizon – a decisive advantage, especially for our many internationally active customers.