Who applies to whom these days?

The job market has changed – in the past, companies often received up to 100 applications in response to a job ad, but today they are happy if anyone suitable applies at all. In this difficult environment, how do you get the right people interested in the vacant jobs?

– It should go without saying that “hygiene factors” such as salary, vacation, trust-based working hours, etc. must be given. But these basic requirements alone have not been enough for quite some time…

– The content-related incentive is decisive: varied, responsible tasks and attractive development prospects are more convincing than boring standard job descriptions.

– But people are looking for more than just a job; they want to find meaning in their work and to see their own values reflected in the company: Team play, climate protection, diversity, transparency – these are topics that can make the decisive difference for acceptance or rejection, regardless of the position itself.

– And last but not least, flexibility is indispensable on the company side today: Hybrid working and flexible working time models must be a matter of course, whereby employees should have the power to decide where and when they work wherever possible. If, for example, someone is responsible for a budget of millions, they should as well be trusted to be able to decide where they work.

In the past, the standard question in job interviews was “Why should we hire you?” Can you answer the counter question “Why should I work for you?”

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